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Born in Australia, raised on the shores of Taranaki, New Zealand and travelled extensively, Tanya Blong brings us rich, dreamlike paintings. 

With a background rooted in sculpture, often focused on figurative forms related to navigation and ocean faring cultures she is now well settled into painting. 

Viewing her work I get the feeling I am witnessing a small moment in time, unsure when or where exactly this might be, there are always strong feelings of nostalgia, headiness and the intoxicating undercurrent of the tropics. 

We begin by presenting you with a series of limited edition fine art prints, soon to be added to with available originals. 
A highlight for me are her botanical still lives and I am very excited about a new subject matter coming soon! 

Tanya can be found working from her studio in the wilds of Muriwai Beach, New Zealand where is annually takes part in the open studios and regional group exhibitions. Her work is held in national and international collections.

You can follow and explore Tanya's work further via her website, facebook and instagram.


Tanya Blong
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