Collection: Stacey Gledhill

Stacey Gledhill is New Zealand painter based in Oxford, UK. 
Even though we have lost her physically to the other side of the world, her beautiful paintings, freezing everyday moments in time are here to be enjoyed! 

I am extremely humbled to be able to present this collection of paintings by Stacey, completed during a nationwide van tour she undertook last summer. Her home on wheels took her from the far north to south, stopping wherever the moment struck her. An incredible love letter to our homeland which can be appreciated by New Zealanders regardless of "knowing the spot". 

This collection of oil paintings on canvas, linen, wood and paper were all painted "en plein-air", meaning each was completed on site in front of its inspiration. 
On the back of each painting is the longitude and latitude of these places, an interesting nod to the beauty and variety of views Stacey came across on her adventure. 

You can see more of Stacey's work on her website, facebook and instagram 

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