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Sophie Melville is a New Zealand based fine artist - a painter, mother and a lover of finding beauty in simplicity. 

Sophie has  Fine Arts degree specialising in Painting from Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland, New Zealand and live's surrounded by the natural splendour of Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.
Her work draws heavily from the environment she has chosen to live,the mountains, clouds, lakes and beaches surrounding Wanaka.

Sophie has a loose abstract style and often finds her best works are creations of impulse and experimenting in my studio. With her art she seeks to evoke a landscape of tranquility, familiarity and simplicity. 

She is a somewhat unconventional watercolourist, often using dried grasses for a brush as well as wide brushes and preferring to experiment and challenge herself every time she enters her studio. 

All original fine art works are on French ARCHES professional grade watercolour paper or on wood. Every print is hand signed, numbered and dated with the year of release as well as the title.

Explore Sophie's world for yourself via her website, instagram and facebook. 


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