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Shayna Quinn-Bowyer is an artist who explores tactile dimensions through stitching & painting. 

Shayna's art practice explores tactility and the senses by juxtaposing materials and textures to create her works. She specifically explores traditional textile materials and techniques of beading, embroidery, weaving and stitching to create abstract spatial compositions. 
Her work also explores abstract portraiture work (of which I have personally commissioned her!) , situating her subjects in a textural environment emerging out of negative space.

Artist; Shayna Quinn-Bowyer


I am thrilled to present two, original mixed media creations; "Kelp" and "Hina" as part of our "The Moon, The Sea... and Me" rolling exhibition 2020/21.

Both are created on handmade Kahdi paper and between them have watercolour, glass, wool, silk, lapis lazuli, quartz, white agate, jade, rhodonite, quartz applied. 

These exquisite, handcrafted artworks have been framed in house at Studio Home Framing and available online or to be viewed by appointment in Christchurch.

Explore Shayna's world further via her website and instagram


Click below to watch Shayna's short talk about her practice. 

Shayna Quinn-Bowyer for Studio Home ART from Studio Home on Vimeo.




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