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Hannah Jensen

Hannah Jensen is a jewel in the crown of the New Zealand art scene, creating incredibly captivating, detailed work using a unique process she has honed herself.
Inspired by the beauty of carved wood blocks used for print making, through lengthy experimentation as an art student she found she could carve into deeply layered surfaces of paint. From here Hannah has explored her craft, for 17 years completing small and incredibly largescale work around the country and world.
Deeply inspired by the natural world, Hannah has gone on to share her process in sold out workshops around the nation concentrating on botanical subject matter, drawing and carving skills.

I am personally humbled to be able to share this artwork as a longtime, eager promoter, workshop host and friend of Hannah's.

Hannah readily shares behind the scenes of her daily studio life and work on her instagram and facebook page. Explore her website here.

Hannah Jensen for Studio Home from Studio Home on Vimeo.


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