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"Creatures from my Garden” seems the right title to give this new series of artwork which is wholly inspired by the joy and magic I’ve found in growing flowers, gardening and re-found connection to the seasons. From home in Christchurch, New Zealand

I’ve grown, arranged/collected seasonal posies, photographed then gone on to paint over beautifully printed versions in an effort to visually share the aura I’m sure that shimmers from these specimens as much as the feelings I get from them.


Each photographed bunch of blooms will be individually transformed with paint just 12 times in total over small/medium/large (loosely based on A4/A3/A2). 
While a similar flow and "painting recipe" has been created for each bunch, no two artworks are the same. I love the romance of the seeping water colours and go very goopy and rich with acrylic! 

Each artwork is framed in our backyard framing studio by my husband, with thought into matching the artwork with what suits it best. 

Commissions are welcome while availability within each series exists and can be arranged, with a non refundable, 50% deposit with Julia directly on

So those that find a piece they want will truly be getting something made in our home for yours. 💙🏡 

For more about my gardening adventure you are welcomed to explore on my website here and join me on @studiohomegardening. 


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