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PAPER CUTS 2018 - Captures of immobile surrealism.
Church’s dioramic tableaus transport the viewer through a deliberate graphic portal. Playing with ideas of location and dimension based on the non-analagous combination of images and textures.

Church has hand rendered (through collage) frozen temporal moments, in a process that is Church’s most painterly to date. Experimenting with the unexpected nuances of the natural light streaming through her studio window, Church patiently harnessed the light she needed by photographing each arrangment at a particular place and at a specific time of day.

Developing and utilizing collage, photography and her strength for sculpting arrangements, she’s created a waterfall effect that leaves the viewer to determine the exact nature of what they are examining


Anna Church is a New Zealand contemporary artist residing in Toronto, Canada.
She has built a career out of creating unique sculptures captured in fine art, photographic prints, You’ll find Anna’s artwork playful, nostalgically layered an surprising. Her multi-step process has a continual evolving nature, each new
series she creates has a new identity and context but is bound within her aesthetic and ‘sculptographic’ medium.

Known primarily for her coveted limited edition, fine art photographs of sculptures she creates, Anna infuses her individualistic process with a patented introspection, yielding artworks that can be enjoyed at first glance and
expand on their themes with ongoing viewings. This delicate balance combined with her prolific practice has earned Church the heralded designation of an “artist to watch” by the global art community.

Anna’s experience is rooted in her background in Photography, editorial styling, graphic and textile design; all of which have contributed to her keen eye for colour stories and unique compositions, central themes in her art series. Her art career and design expertise has lead to being featured in platforms as diverse as Design Milk, Design Sponge, interior design magazines, the curated Collections of Saatchi Limited and The Affordable Art Fairs in; New York, Hong Kong, Battersea (London) and Amsterdam.

All of Church’s artworks have been designed to inspire conversation, they are reflections of our modern world and experience, yet all possess an ease that renders them comfortable in your home environment.

Her ethos; Art should inspire you to look deeper yet be a welcome co-habiter.

You can explore more of Anna's work via her website, Instagram and Facebook. 


 Anna Church at work in her Toronto studio



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